Checking on your tax refund

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Many people have been asking about their tax refund.  In previous years, the IRS would take about 2 weeks to process their e-file refunds.  This year though, it is taking closer to 4 weeks.  Their website is also experiencing technical difficulties at this time.  If you go on their site to the “Where’s My Refund” part of the page, it will ask you to enter your information but not gtive you a deposit date.  It is very frustrating to people who are waiting for their refund, but please be patient with the IRS.  Your refund will come, it just may take an extra week or two that previously planned.

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    Accountancy is an essential part of a business and can be very beneficial if you can find the right accountant……trouble is most are historians and wouldn’t know what to do if a client came to them with a cash flow problem. I have met my fair share of incompetent accountants, accountants need to look at the future and not just dawdle on the past.

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